Every now and then, I get paid to travel, to do my art.  This was one of those times – the company I work for, Yoli, hosted an incentive trip for its top performing independent distrubutors – a Western Caribbean Cruise. 

My job was to document the experience – essentially, to make photographs and video that would instill a nasty case of FOMO in all who did not attend, with the aim of increasing attendance and participation at the next one. 

I think I did ok. 

This was my first cruise experience. Happy to report that I never got sea sick, I loved going to sleep to the gentle rocking of the ship, and while it was incredible to visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World- Chichén Itzá, my favorite part of the experience was sitting at an open air bar near the aft of the ship, sipping a beer, and gazing upon the unending ocean horizon.