Secret Superpower

Ladies, you can read along, but this post is meant for the fellas.

My name is Paul Duane – I’m a “normal” straight guy that happens to wear pantyhose and heels on occasion. You might know me as the host of the Soul Anarchist Podcast, perhaps through my photography, you may know me as a brand ambassador for a major European hosiery company, you might just see me around on social media in my traditional get-up of a suit, tie, pantyhose, and heels.

There are millions of men around the world who love to wear ladies things of one variety or another: some love to crossdress and be as “passable” as possible with dresses, makeup, wigs, bras, pantyhose, heels – the whole nine yards. Some guys are simply fond of a few various items… panties, nail polish, tights, heels, whatever.

No matter what your flavor is, we all have a common understanding – there is a temptation to succumb to shame, hide, and keep your “hobby” a secret. Depending on what you do in your life, the stakes may be very high for coming out and sharing who you really are.

Hiding something like this has a way of sapping your personal power. You know what I’m talking about.

I have spent over a decade researching and LIVING this path. I have gone from total secrecy and relationship failure, to being known for my personal style. Everyone in my world – from my closest family members to total strangers on the other side of the planet know my former “secret”.

I know things about this world and can help you get into a place where your secrets are no longer liabilities, but are now assets. We can turn what used to be your biggest fear, into your secret super power.

I will coach you through this process. I have a limited number of coaching spots available. Contact me today for a consultation to find out if you qualify and if coaching is right for you:

much love –