As I was sitting down to work tonight, I looked at the scene that is my desk and realized –

I’ve become my Dad, in a couple of ways:

My father was a cave dweller. He had a wood shop in the basement of our house, and everyday after work, he spent his free time alone, working on projects in the shop. If you ever needed a thing, you could go downstairs and he would be happy to see you. That being said, that’s where he always was.

I am also a cave dweller. The days are short and my list of creative projects are long, I doubt I’ll ever be able to get to them all, but in the mean time I’m content to sit at my desk and hammer out my art and craft.  Just like my Dad. The only difference here are our tools of choice. He carved wood, I carve with light and language.

Crackers at the work bench: My Dad always had graham crackers at his work bench. I never really did get it… until tonight. A half eaten bag of graham crackers beckoned to me from the pantry shelf. I brought them to my desk, broke off a few, gazed out the window at a rising moon, tapped a few words out on my keyboard in my cave, and realized – I’ve become my father.

Good thing is, my Dad was a pretty outstanding dude.

Cheers, Dad. This next graham cracker is for you.