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Downtown Montréal, festival district, at night

Montréal, J’ai le béguin pour toi

Montréal is oil & water; old French traditions contrasting with western sensibilities, all of which happen in the context of a land taken from indigenous tribes (the subext of modern North America). 

Everything in Montreal is in French. All street signs, all menus, all overheard conversations. Everyone speaks perfect English – even perfect Canadian, eh.  Continue Reading

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Martin’s Cove

My Great-Great Grandmother, Thisbe Reed, was one of the early Mormon pioneers who persecuted. They fled everything they knew and loved, into the western frontier, so that they could live life on their own terms. This was a profound act of Soul Anarchy. Continue Reading

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A black & white photograph of the Salt Lake City LDS (Mormon) Temple, reflected in the water of the reflecting pool. Photo by Paul Duane.

Retired Mormon

“When did you leave the church?”

I’ve never liked the question; it assumes too much….

Soul Anarchy runs deep in my blood. I love that I’ve descended from Mormon pioneers. They were so goddamn determined to live life on their own terms, that they packed their essentials into handcarts, and hauled them across the plains, into the Rocky Mountains….
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One Hundred Ninety Degrees

She takes a sip of my refilled glass. Todd asks her again- “How do you want that cooked?” “One hundred ninety degrees”, she tersely replies. “You guys should have a thermometer back there”. 

Now I understand who everyone is and what is best for them. Continue Reading

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favorite hosiery

Like wine, hosiery can be one of life’s finer pleasures. A luxury, a sensual indulgence – sure, you don’t need it, but… you really should treat yourself. Here are five criteria I consider when I evaluate hosiery…. Fit… Feel … Look … cost … Longevity… Continue Reading

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