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I’m writing
a book.

Every week or so, I get a chapter done and publish the rough draft of it here for your perusal.

Notes from the Road
and other musings:

An attack on Anthony Fauci is an attack on science

...if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and scientist, you're really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you are attacking science.

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Threads – the latest company to attempt “pantyhose for men”

Yet another hosiery company has discovered one of the great secrets of our society: there are a lot of men out there who love to wear ladies things.

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Defining Image of The Presidency is M.I.A.

The media called "the defining image" of a presidency. President Biden was holding a press conference regarding the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy was asking Biden if he should...

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H.R. 4980 info

As of today 15 Aug 2021, Congress is working on a bill that will require all air travelers to show proof of vaccination.  

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Keep it weird, go clear

"Keep it weird, dude. Keep it weird." I was preparing for an important moment and my friend Jeff was giving me some unwittingly sage advice. My attire for this debut moment was going...

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The Hope Dealers of Iowa

I spent 8 days in Iowa filming a group of people that are involved in a direct selling business called Yoli (my "day job" employer). I'd tell you that they sell nutritional products,...

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Oct 2020: Bryce, Mexican Hat, Moab

When Char and Pat hit me up about doing a Southern Utah ride with them, the answer was YES. I hadn't seen their proposed route, and I didn't care. I had complete confidence...

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Yellowstone July 2020

Three nights, 1061 miles, two broken light mounts, one Joe Exotic doppleganger, six gas station meals, 180 miles in the rain, countless perfectly cooked turns, 19 hours of great music, one small epiphany, eight...

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One Little Victory

I grew up with a father who was disabled from a horrific motorcycle accident. He had a miraculous healing that granted him his life back, and most of his faculties except for his...

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I used to hate TOOL. I love plenty of other bands that either influence TOOL, or are influenced by TOOL. It's not a matter taste - I was afraid. Summer of 1995:My band,...

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grab your shovel

Fellow SOUL ANARCHISTS - the time is upon us to get involved and let our voices be heard. If you have not seen either of these videos, please take a few minutes to...

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May 2020 Southern Utah Ride

Southern Utah is unlike any other place in the world- there is magic in those red rocks and blue skies. I've always romanticized the idea of getting lost in Southern Utah on a...

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