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Johnson Space Center

… took a few hours to visit the Johnson Space Center.  I’ve grown up fascinated with spaceflight. Some of my favorite toys as a child were models of the Mercury 9, Saturn 5, and Space Shuttle. I watched every Space Shuttle launch… Continue Reading

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Yamaha Tracer GT 900 near the Tetons in WY

2600 mile loop

…photos don’t do it any justice. Roads like that are like music – as music can only be experienced by moving through time, so too, are truly great roads – they only make sense when in motion. Continue Reading

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Ginaire: Destroyer of Men

After arriving at her apartment in downtown Denver, I unloaded my car and set up a makeshift studio in her apartment, and we commenced the shoot. My palms were sweaty. A dash of adrenaline garnished my bloodstream. I had never photographed a naked woman before. This was not just any naked woman; it was HER. My newly discovered soul mate and muse. Continue Reading

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