David Crosby died today. He had one hell of a run: he beat diabetes, liver failure, hepatitis, a couple of heart attacks, and made 81 laps around the sun.
He also made some beautiful music along the way.
Well done sir!
I found Bob Dylan’s assessment of him interesting:
“Crosby was a colorful and unpredictable character, wore a Mandrake the Magician cape, didn’t get along with too many people and had a beautiful voice — an architect of harmony.”
I am not a huge Crosby fan. Sure, I like a couple of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tunes, just like everyone does – but I make no claim to being a fan.
While in recovery from a life saving liver transplant (paid for by Phil Collins) in the 90’s, he met his son for the first time. He was also a brilliant musician. Soon after, they recorded an album together. I’ve listened to this record countless times. It’s gorgeous. It is aptly named CPR, is named after the band mates (just like CSNR), and contemplates his second lease on life. Play while you go to sleep. Put the last song on repeat. 
May I dodge death longer than I deserve to, may I make beautiful things all along the way, and may I have friends as good as Phil, as you did, David.