Ok, here you go. My 2023 wrap up:

The awesome parts:

  • Traveling to do my art, (for my “Day Job”, which I adore): NYC, Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, LA, San Diego, Cancun, Montréal. Dozens of really cool stories, moments, conversations, sights and sounds along those ways.
  • Growing as a storyteller in my work with The Women of Yoli
  • Read some phenomenal books. Best ones:  “The Creative Act” by Rick Rubin, “My Effin’ Life” by Geddy Lee, “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” by Sal Goddam, “Before & Laughter” by Jimmy Carr, “The YouTube Formula” by Derral Eves
  • Great moments behind the DJ decks, including opening for Paul Thomas
  • Brilliant concerts: Ghost, Muse, Lacuna Coil, Marsh, Tinlicker, and some little folk rock duo in a Montréal subway station. I was able to share several of these with my youngest daughter, which made them even more special.

The hard parts:

  • Getting my heart broken.
  • Knowing that the government and media are aggressively lying to me at all times.
  • Nearly debilitating anxiety and depression

Biggest takeaway from 2023:

  • Just show up. My self perception is often totally disjointed from how others see and experience me.  Do my best, ask for what I need & want, express how I’m feeling in real time, and don’t overthink it. My self perception is often completely unrelated to how others experience me, so don’t let self perception hold the steering wheel.  Showing up clumsily beats not showing up at all – clumsy is usually good enough, if not weirdly perfect.  I talk a lot about living authentically. I am NOT an expert. I’m actually pretty bad at it. I’m just a fan, one who aspires toward it, and can see it in others.

Looking into 2024:

  • Just got myself a therapist.
  • Music Production: got a keyboard, started piano lessons, and started learning Ableton Live, with the vision of producing my own Progressive House music.
  • Community building: Re-booting the Sunday Night Burn, but doing it a bit differently, goal is to create culture and a big tent for my freedom loving friends all around the world.
  • Granddaughter #2, Ira Mae, will be joining us in February! Can’t wait to meet her!
  • Growing as a storyteller / filmmaker / director – and teaching others how to become better storytellers, which makes them more influential in their worlds – which enables them to live life more on their own terms.
  • Do everything I can to help get Robert F Kennedy Jr elected as our next President.
  • MORE MUSIC: Yep. It gets two bullet points. It’s a huge locus of energy in my life this year.  I have some fun goals / visions for myself, as a DJ and producer. Not going to share them publicly, but you’ll see me doing them, and many of you will be joining me.
  • Do it all in nylons & heels. Share more of the stories and lessons I’ve learned about life that I’ve learned while wearing them. You guys, I have so much I could tell you….

Cheers, my friends!

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