The media called “the defining image” of a presidency.
President Biden was holding a press conference regarding the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy was asking Biden if he should be taking more accountability for what happened. Biden crumbled. 
I went looking for a decent copy of it this morning.
1. It was surprisingly hard to find. The one I posted is very low resolution.
2. the search results were flooded with images of Biden looking extremely presidential and confident. I smell a shadow ban.
[today’s date is 28 Aug 2021. I do not know what the conditions will be when you read this, things change fast]
Try it for yourself: look for the image in as high resolution as possible (at least 1500 pixels).
Given the subject matter, it’s historical importance, and how widely it has been covered, This image should be incredibly easy to find on Google Images.

A google Image search using this image rendered the following result: 


BY contrast…. 

A google image search, using this image: 

(try it yourself using )


Yeilded in this search result:

Why would “The Defining Image of a Presidency” be so non-existent on Google Image Search – in comparison to this gentleman (or any other reverse image search you choose to run)? 

The truth is right in front of you. Stop making excuses for it.