2019 April 28 Journal

2019 April 28

Went and saw the new studio yesterday – it is unbelievably cool. A huge main studio space, 3 or 4 floors of empty urban decay areas, a killer roof top right in the middle of downtown, and a gorgeous reception area with 6 absolutely wonderful offices and 2 conference rooms…. All there for us to grow into. 

Steve doesn’t have time to grow another business in there, though. 

If I wanted to, it’s just there waiting for me. 

I have zero interest in growing a business just for the sake of growing a business, though. 

That office space is kind of like a super hot girl that has nothing to offer intellectually, who is super in love with me.  I COULD build, but I don’t feel particularly inspired to. 

All I really care about is growing the show and the movement into a worldwide thing, and keeping it as minimalist as possible. 

I’m going to head out shortly and spend the day driving again. 

Building Man is this week. Steve wants to roll out Thurs morning. If I’m to go with, I would have to get ALL of my Lyft driving done on Mon, Tues, get all of WTF done on Wed, and also get all prepared to go (just pack a bag and make sure I’ve got my stuff together, which would probably mean running up to Logan to grab some things…. And then being out of commission for the rest of the week….

And spending a bunch of money on gas and food and beer, when I owe Rachel $$ and have so many projects here at home just begging for my attention……..

…. sitting in a coffee shop and writing sounds much more fun than going to Building man. 

I don’t want to let Steve or Kelly down… ugh…. But at this point, I just don’t think it sounds like fun. 

I haven’t been feeling well and the thought of it all is giving me a real sagging feeling. 


I’ve got to bail on this and just honor what I need this week. 

And, I haven’t been feeling well. My head has been ringing all week, my neck has been sore (sore glands? Not sure), and my energy has just been a bit low.  The thought of Building Man just makes my core go… “ugh”….

I’d rather take that time and money and go do shrooms out by the lake… or work on my bike…. Or see my kids…. Or write… or go on a walk with a pretty girl and have a cool conversation….  Or do shoots in the new space….  All I want to do is create right now, and create on target. 

I do so much better if I have a good orgasm in my morning routine. More clear headed, more grounded, feeling like my energy is flowing better.  Ahhhh. 

Having more thoughts about my photo curation…. I’ve been tempted to just be “the black and white guy”, but sometimes I have moments of genius in color.  Looking for that standard that must be cleared before something gets posted…. And I think it’s this:

If I have something to SAY about the image, then it gets posted. Words AND pictures. I think this is where I shine the best. 

Gary V is a huge proponent of putting out A LOT of stuff. He’s not so worried if it’s “perfect”, just create and put it out. More iterations = more progress. 

And so….. my best strength is in thoughts and words, and so I’ll put more effort into combining them – and – shooting what I truly love. 

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