2019 June 5 Journal: 2 keys to creative flow state

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2019 June 5 Journal

Good lord, it’s Wednesday again? 

Ugh. The weeks come and go so quickly and I feel like I accomplish so little. It’s frustrating. 

I just realized there are a few phrases I use regularly that sterilize my truth:

“Kind of”


“I don’t know” (proceeded by something I’m truly trying to express that I probably actually do know)

The #1 main thing on my mind is streamlining creative processes.  Faster, better, writing. Faster, better podcast production. Faster, better photo creation. 

I want to be spending less time behind a desk and more time out experiencing my life with the people I love. 

The key to this? Self honesty and self love – 

I think that the more clear I am with myself about what is and what is not important, the more efficient my editing choices are. 

The more I love myself – the more clear my writing is. Stephen King said the root of all bad writing is fear, and loving myself is the antithesis of fear.  I know that when my writing is super bullshitty, it’s because I’m caught in the mire of honesty and love.  This applies to my podcasting even more so. 

If I were to teach a workshop on creativity right now, it would be all about giving my students tools to reach new levels of self honesty and self love.  I think those are the blood and breath of creation. 

I had a lot of fun making and editing the Five Wives Pride Parade 2019 video.  It took longer than I expected, but I so enjoyed it.  It’s like  choreography – syncing movements to music. It feels good. It’s dance, music, photography, and storytelling all in one.  I’d like to make a music video now. 

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