Closed for Quarantine


So many parts of life has been closed down lately. It’s hard to make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. There’s so much “information” out there, much of it conflicting. We still don’t have enough good data to really understand this virus. Driven by fear and a longing for something certain, people are clinging to conclusions, ranging from complete hibernation conspiracy fed rebellion.

Every day, I fight the urge to scramble onto the reassuring shore of some hot take on the matter. The one thing I DO know, is that I don’t know.

In times of uncertainty, let your movements be slow, calculated, and conservative. Check your blind spots regularly. Keep your eyes and wheels pointed toward where you want to go… remember, target fixation is a real thing: if you focus on the thing you want to avoid, you’ll end up going there simply by virtue of your focus.

As you sift through all of the “information” out there, remember the Law of Parsimony: the explanation that holds the fewest assumptions, tends to be the right one.

Most of all, remember that people are watching you – and I’m not talking about Grandpa Government. I’m talking about your friends, family, and neighbors. Your example will influence others – for better, or, for worse.

Hold steady, fellow Soul Anarchist. Cool heads are needed to lead the way.

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