Dr. Robert Glover

What is a rite of passage? What does that look like in modern society? What goes wrong when boys aren’t properly initiated into manhood? Dr. Robert Glover, author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, teaches us about how rites of passage turn boys into healthy men. 

“I think a number of the mass shootings we have seen have been fueled by the same thing, of men not having tribe or initiation, yet riding tribe in an angry group. Lashing out against some group who they perceive as being the cause of their suffering. Uninitiated men tend to dwell in their bitterness and negativity and helplessness, and I think that does get manifested in some pretty dark ways.”

Dr. Robert Glover

“It’s in our DNA to be mentored and initiated by tribe. We will go seek it in one form or another. I imagine young men  tend to seek it through  social media, video games, online forums (alt right, white supremacists, manosphere, MGTOW)… More of the darker side feeds a negativity and bitterness – the INCELS, young men that can’t get laid and are angry at women about that, If we don’t get initiated into a healthy masculine, women are not going to be particularly attracted or drawn to us, or want to get naked with us.

Dr. Robert Glover

It’s unconsciously leading men to seek out tribe, to seek out mentors, even if they don’t know that is what they are doing. Men maybe don’t intellectually know they need mentored and need a tribe of men but emotionally they do, and emotionally, they go looking for it one way or another. 

Dr. Robert Glover

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