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Your questions:

  • Most comfortable dress shoes? 
  • Your go-to shoe designer?
  • Do you switch it up and wear wedges? 
  • Favorite shoes? Do you never get sore feet or bad back? Asking as a woman who could never wear heals. 
  • And what about stockings, mine used to get wholes all the time, the old advice to put on some nail polish never seemed to work. Any advice?
  • How are you walking with your lady, if you’ve got the sweeter gams, fella? Barrier to intimacy or righteous truth?
  • What one thing can I do for my boys to be as confident as you are?
  • Do you shave legs ? 
  • Biggest heel you’ve ever worn? (Platform counts)
  • Do you think you can get enough donations and poll numbers to qualify for the January debate?
  • How did you get over your fear (if you had any) to dress in public? How do you respond when people are hostile to you in person? Does that happen a lot? Sorry, that was 3 questions.
  • Well how did it start? Dare from friends? Magnetic feeling? Its interesting to see a figure such as yourself be so open and comfortable with your choice of apparel. From what Ive seen, you’re also straight, which makes me even more curious. So how did it start?
  • what do you like to eat for breakfast on a regular day?
  • Did you see or hear that individual record you? Has it happened before if so how do you deal with it or if someone confronts/approaches you in a negative manner? Ever get positive reactions?
  • Do u put milk or cereals first
  • When you’re in public & draw attention that sometimes isn’t positive attention, how do you respond? If any response at all. I admire you for your bravery & authenticity & how you present yourself to the world regardless of the inevitable. 
  • What is your greatest passion in life, e.g. cooking, fishing, running, etc?
  • I currently know 2 men who do the same , for me it’s more trying to understand the women in their lives accepting it. Gonna admit I find it weird but have nothing against either one in my life.
  • Do the shoes hurt your feet?
  • I’m a total clumsy ass klutz. How in the sam hell do you werkIT and not fall over, trip or break an ankle?? Seriously. I can’t walk in heels.   ps  I adore your legs.
  • Why do guys just want friends with benefits and not relationship?
  • Can you believe that people are still so close-minded? Wouldn’t you hope..that as a society… we wouldn’t judge on appearance alone?
  • What was the react of your wife when you said : darling i wear pantyhose skirt and heels
  • You look like an ass

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