Dr. Robert Glover

What a fascinating conversation we had! We discussed the finer points of the post #MeToo world, how salsa dancing makes you a better man, why feminism is dead, and why porn is bad for men.

A few excerpts from Dr. Glover:

Men, no matter what their problem is, are seeking initiation into the masculine. I think with feminism, women kind of kicked men’s asses. The metro movement has also…kicked men’s asses, and rightfully so. The women’s movements have gotten stuck and are not serving women anymore.  


I think men, having gotten our asses kicked, are now seeking how to grow in consciousness, how to grow in presence, how to grow in healthy masculine strength.  I think it is men who are going to lead the way back for women to actually get to experience what they’ve wanted to experience all along: depth of connection, love, validation, that I don’t think feminism can give them. 


As a feminine creature, a woman’s felt vulnerable most of their life, they’ve gotta take control of the situations they’re in. They couldn’t trust their daddy, couldn’t trust their first boyfriend, they couldn’t trust the men they are with, so they take control. 


When a man can hold his frame, stay conscious, stay present, keep breathing….  Anxiety is contagious because we are emotional herd animals, but calm is contagious as well. When a man can hold that presence of calm, love and respect, it penetrates a woman, and other people… children, dogs, cats, coworkers… it penetrates them as well. 


In general, porn is bad for men for a lot of reasons: It’s like shopping all night for a digital camera you are never going to use. It’s like going to a buffet and fantasizing about a Big Mac. And beyond that, it’s a fucking waste of a time. It’s like spending 3 -4 hours on the internet every night looking for digital cameras you aren’t going to buy. 

– Dr. Robert Glover

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