HAUSMAN - Beauty in the Details

Hausman (aka Devon Ausman) is a progressive House  producer & Dj based in Denver, Colorado. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he brings serious musical chops to the craft. He’s known for his intricate arrangements, juxtaposing soaring ethereal melodies over often gritty baselines.

On today’s episode, we discuss


  • his love of progressive rock, and how that connects to his love of Progressive House music
  • how the pandemic helped launch his career into a full time pursuit
  • geek out over Steven Wilson, Mutemath, and Porcupine Tree
  • he talks shop and offers a tip for DJs who want to mix in key but have found themselves in a tight spot behind the decks.
  • he shares a couple of his favorite songs (see below)

What song is currently on repeat in your world? 

If a movie was made about your life, what song would play for the opening credits?

What is an overlooked gem from your own catalog? 

The Steven Wilson Interview:


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