Dystopian Guru | Progressive House DJ set | Tryger, Dan Stone, Proff, Khen, Amonita

What does wisdom look like as we hurtle toward the Singularity?

This Progressive House DJ set is full of ethereal, contemplative, dark & sexy grooves. Turn the lights down, light a few candles, pour a glass of wine, ponder and dance.

Track listing:

  • Track Listing: “The Voice Of Enigma” – Enigma
  • “Everlasting” – David Broaders
  • “Fogbows (Original Mix)” – Maze 28
  • “Kairo (Original Mix)” – Fulltone
  • “Strive (Extended Mix)” – Skua, Cosmaks
  • “Milky Way” – Amonita
  • “Voices (Original Mix)” – Nathan Katz
  • “Utah (Original Mix)” – RNX
  • “Ursa Major (Kebin Van Reeken Extended Remix)” – Tryger
  • “Nobody Knows (L.GU. Extended Remix)” – Sound Quelle, Dolly Rae
  • “Yellow (Original Mix)” – Khen
  • “Nobody Knows (L.GU. Extended Remix)” – Sound Quelle, Dolly Rae
  • “Sunnyvale (Original Mix)” – Ryan, Oliver & Tom
  • “All for You (Oniricus Extended Remix)” – Dan Stone
  • “Babylon (Original Mix)” – UNWA
  • “Dark Magic – Extended Mix” – PROFF
Paul Duane / aka Soul Anarchist, in his signature tailored shorts suit, pantyhose and heels.

DJ Soul Anarchist here – aka, Paul Duane. I’m a Deep House & Progressive House DJ. As a kid, I grew up on rock, metal & rap music that challenged the status quo establishment.  

As a grown, freedom loving American, I come to electronic dance music with that same youthful spirit of protest, yearning for truth, authenticity, and the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness.  I believe in tearing down walls and building bridges. 

Above all – I believe in the power of great dance party. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – available for domestic & international bookings. 

much love – 

Paul Duane / DJ Soul Anarchist

booking / contact info, click here

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