The Thing You Cannot Say

“Truth has become a right-wing concept. You cannot say it. To be right-wing is to be in league with the forces of evil. There is no discussion. You are cancelled. You are removed. You have to be silenced. We are in cultural totalitarianism.”


– Melanie Phillips

A bootleg edit combining controversial commentary on cancel culture, Dave Chapelle’s comedy, and “Seventh Day” by Max & Dana. 

Paul Duane / aka Soul Anarchist, in his signature tailored shorts suit, pantyhose and heels.

DJ Soul Anarchist here – aka, Paul Duane. I’m a Deep House & Progressive House DJ. As a kid, I grew up on rock, metal & rap music that challenged the status quo establishment.  

As a grown, freedom loving American, I come to electronic dance music with that same youthful spirit of protest, yearning for truth, authenticity, and the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness.  I believe in tearing down walls and building bridges. 

Above all – I believe in the power of great dance party. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – available for domestic & international bookings. 

much love – 

Paul Duane / DJ Soul Anarchist

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