Kristen Ulmer

Kristen Ulmer dominated the ski world for years as a member of the US Ski Team and the #1 female extreme ski athlete in the world. She redefined the sport for women, had numerous close calls with death, and ultimately became a student of Zen Buddhism to change her relationship to fear.  Today she is an author, speaker, and sought after performance coach, helping people improve their relationship to fear and level up their lives.  

It’s really important to start with examining your relationship with fear. It’s the relationship that you have with yourself at your core. If you try to fight or conquer or overcome fear, you are trying to fight yourself. You are going to be at war with yourself. It’s going to prove to be an unwindable war that will tax most of your resources. 

Kristen Ulmer

However successful you are is dependent upon how much willingness you have to take a risk. Your willingness to take a risk is your willingness to feel fear. 
People who are high achievers have an intimate, inclusive relationship with fear, where they are willing to feel fear, they are willing to take a risk and step out of their comfort zone. There is no learning and growing without a willingness to feel fear.

Kristen Ulmer
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