Reality vs Imagination

Isn’t it picturesque?
When I see this neat row of homes on the shore of this lake, I conjure up all kinds of stories about who lives there, what kind of tea they sip as they read from classic literature while overlooking the morning sun glistening on the water, and what the other side of these houses must be like.

One day I went and looked.

The reality on the other side of these homes is vastly different than what I had created in my mind. It’s not exactly bad – just…. really different.

How often do we do this with people?
Social media is kind of like this one dimensional south facing view of these homes – but worse. (This includes online dating, too).
It’s an even more restricted perspective. The only things we we see on social media are what people have chosen to share.
That’s it.
No matter what a person shares, there are a hundred things about their life that you’ll never know – things that will surprise your expectations – more messy, more beautiful, more boring than you had imagined.


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