Review: Philippe Matignon Jade sheer tights

Maybe it was swanky signature logo on the packaging that set up my high expectations for the Philippe Matignon Jade pantyhose.

Maybe it was the rumor that this style is Kate Middleton’s favorite (the Duchess is known for her penchant for nude pantyhose, and is credited with bringing them back into vogue).

At any rate, I was excited to try them out. Today’s adventure that these sheer tights must endure:

  1. photo shoot with model Zoe (shooting her in pantyhose for Hosieree‘s social media… so meta! ) which means I’ll be on the floor, moving things, and will inevitably kick off my heels and walk around in my bare / stocking feet for a few hours (which can be murderous on sheer hosiery)
  2. photographing the SLC Jazz Festival (who knows that that will bring)
  3. come home to a pack of stupidly excitable dogs who will jump all over me and lick me to death when I walk in the door.

First, a few details on these tights:  In terms of construction, they are semi-boarded in the foot, sheer toe, sheer to waist and have light reinforcing around the seams in the waist. Stitching in the waist is flat-seamed, which is standard for hosiery in this price point. The toe seam is small, neat, and should you insist on wearing hose with open toed shoes, the Jade pantyhose would be a good choice.  The fit was great; they stayed on very comfortably – no constant adjusting needed. As for feel – to touch them, they feel pretty average. Smooth, but not slippery. When you rub your legs together in them, they have a reasonably silky feel to them, a 7/10 in that department.


Where these nylons really shine – pun intended – is in their appearance. They create a gorgeous, subtle glow on your legs – enough to get people looking and wondering why your legs look so damn good. Even at very close range, my model, Zoe, had to ask if I was wearing tights.

There are different reasons for wearing sheer hosiery. If you are wearing them as a layer, or for the silky tactile sensation -there are slightly better offerings out there. If you are going to be showing some leg and want your legs to look extra magical without it being super obvious, AND you want a nice feel – the Philippe Matignon Jade pantyhose should be in your hosiery drawer.

I get why Kate likes these nylons. They really are gorgeous. 

Get yours here:

P.S. They did not survive being attacked by the dogs.  That dog is certainly going to doggy hell for this.

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