2019 April 1 Journal

2019 April 1

Okay, Lyft is sucking badly right now. 

I drove so long I actually got booted out of the app last night, and what’s crazy is I never really had to fight drowsiness. I think that I get drowsy at 2:30am, no matter what, and before that…. I’m pretty solid.  Anyway.

This is not a viable income source. Now I have to transition and find get some new income going so I can get rid of that Lyft rental and buy a car that I can just let sit while I’m on the road.  I’d like a car that’s new enough that I can use it to drive Lyft when I have the time.  


I was reading a post by Tal Bachman last night, he was complaining about several things but one aspect that stood out to me was his complaint that nobody will take a stand for anything anymore. Everyone is a moral weakling. He was yearning for someone to really take a stand and endeavor to lift people up with some tough love.  This is what Andy Frisella does. It’s what Sean Whalen approximates. Where do I fit into this? 

I feel the universe quietly asking me lately, in several situations…

What do you stand for? 

OH. And it’s time to get my TEDx submission done. 


This year, I’m not feeling it. I don’t feel equal to the task. I don’t feel like I have anything important to say. 

I was listening to Joe Rogan and Ron White last night. Ron talked a lot about his own imposter syndrome.  God, it was such a cool conversation. Those two guys are the most down to earth, hard working, humble dudes who also have all of the earned confidence in the world. 

Ugh. Anyway. I met an interesting girl at my party the other night. 

As I was loading up this bowl, I was thinking about how much I have left and when I expect to be able to get more…. And how far out that is. I realized I had a choice to put it off, to hold back, out of fear of scarcity, and I had this other thought that said, “Enjoy what is before you, in this moment. There is more on the way. There’s no such thing as lack, other than the vacuums you create yourself.”

…and with that, I will light up and finish telling you about the girl I met the other night. 

Her name is Kate*. She showed up with Suzy*, my friend and client. Kate* looked like Miley Sirus – short sassy haircut much like mine died blue, gorgeous face, and legs for days in some grey lurex tights and hella cool heels. (I’d wear them in my size, any day). She was HOT.  There seemed to be chemistry right off the bat. The conversation has continued and evolved – chemistry for sure. I get to really stick to my list here. 

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