2019 April 24 Journal

2019 April 24 Journal

I’m loving having a specific goal of my Deep South / Underground Railroad tour. I’m a bit nervous about the TEDx thing, because I watched Nicole’s process last year. It seemed like the only thing that made the summer go by faster than Burning Man prep was her TEDx talk preparations.  She was always in meetings and rehearsals.  That may be tricky to do on the road, but I’m going to pull the trigger and move forward full force on three things:

  • Burning Man
  • TEDx SLC
  • Underground Railroad Tour

The completion of these three things will make my life beautiful and full and complete this year. 

Got banned for 24 hours last night on Facebook for a couple of racy posts that I did not realize were still there. One of them was a photo of Kendra where her nipple ever so slightly peaks out of the shadow.  Crazy thing is, I had a portfolio review slated for Monday, I was going to give my online portfolios a serious combing over and I probably would have caught that then.  I’m going to take this as confirmation, a word of acknowledgement from The Universe, that it’s time to get super serious about tightening up these portfolios. 

Anyway – as for portfolio selection – I’ve been blessed with a very clear mission – to take on the world of black and white thinking. If a photo in some way ties into breaking free from black and white thinking, it gets to stay.  

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