2019 April 25 journal

25 April 2019 Journal

Editing WTF today. Not much to say there. 

I did have the thought yesterday that I need to look at my life and really analyze how I’m filling my time. If I really want to be out traveling, I need to have most of my time free, and somehow, most of my time is not free lately.  This means, streamlining the podcast production into nothing more than a 4 hour activity. In fact, none of my big jobs should take more than 4 hours: two cups of coffee and time between meals in a coffee shop. That’s a sustainable format. WTF is about a 4 hour job. Let’s see if I can get it down to 3.  The podcast has spread out into a 5+ hour affair, let’s do another one and see if I can get the whole of the work down to 3 hours. No jobs over 4 hours. That’s a portable workflow. 

I’m not convinced that drinking is bad for me. 

A few drinks in, I hit this real sweet flow state of creativity and action.  I think it’s good medicine. 

When I go back to MD/DE/PA, I won’t be visited by the old version of me, because I AM HIM. 

And then it hit me:

Just as I give other men deference and respect, 

I should give myself deference and respect, because I am a hundred born, lived, and died men. 

And a few women. 

And a dog. 

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