2019 May 15 Journal

2019 May 15

Today I interview Tyler Glenn! 

I am a bit nervous about it, TBH. And –

I’m so pleased with this state of affairs. 

In other news, It’s National Nylon Stocking Day. I wrote a cool little blurb and published it:

Being a man in nylons and heels has taught me some cool secrets of life:

When I let seeming opposites coexist in me, all kinds of alchemy appears: 

Sensuality becomes sacred, 

self indulgence becomes service,

the profane and profound pair-bond, 

the masculine pulses with life inside the feminine,

and the scales give way to sight. 

Happy National Nylon Stockings Day! 

Oh, I forgot to tell you, journal, that I made it to the final selection round for TEDxSLC.  Perhaps this statement would be a good 90 second video for my application? 

Ok. I have so much to do. I have so much writing to get done. I need to focus my time and energies better and be more productive, I have so much to put out there! The summer is coming upon us so immediately! 



As it turns out, my ankle was really giving me trouble today, the thought of being in heels was just ludicrous. There’s nothing even remotely sexy about a grown ass man hobbling along in high heels. It’s an all in or all out kind of thing. So…. I decided not to wear them to the interview, or at all today, despite it being National Nylon Stocking Day.

Tyler said he was bummed I wasn’t rocking my nylons and heels today. “What, am I not cool enough for you to wear them?”, he said, half joking.  I was definitely tempted to try, and obviously the optics of being in nylons and heels alongside such a rockstar as him would bode well in social media posts….. and I suppose I could have taken an ibuprofen and powered through it…

….but I just didn’t give that much of a shit about it today.


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