Boundaries: Destruction vs Play

People often praise me for blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. While I love teasing the boundaries of things as much as the next guy… I must be clear about one thing:  I’m playing with the boundaries, not trying to destroy them.  Opposites are essential:

  • light / dark
  • up / down
  • left / right 
  • happy / sad
  • chaos / elegance
  • birth / death
  • hot / cold
  • pleasure / pain
  • boy / girl 
  • gay / straight
  • black / white

These constructs exist because of the contrast of their opposite. 

And for those who love something in between – it must be remembered that your sweet spot can only exist if the polarities are honored, even if you don’t personally espouse them.  There are parts of society that want to  blend them together like a pureed “smoothie” of steak, potatoes and jello salad such as you’d serve someone who can no longer chew their own food.  There are those who sell the idea that a bland amalgamation, a destruction of the boundaries is a good thing.  

I vehemently disagree. 

I love distinct flavors and textures in my food, photographs, and people.  I love being a masculine guy who also enjoys something feminine now and then. This pantyhose, heels and suit style is one expression of the Soul Anarchist ethos: of living life on my own terms, of coexisting with opposites rather than obliterating them.  It’s the true spirit of tolerance, and I invite you to find more harmony with your own seeming contradictions.  You ARE hot and cold. Right and wrong. Happy and sad.  Liberal and conservative. Good and evil…  In my experience, accepting the coexistence of my opposites has brought me joy and creative power. I want you to have the that, too. 

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