2019 May 23 Journal

23 May 2019

Good Morning Journal.  Feeling pretty good this morning. I went to a networking event thrown by Michelle Turtletaub. Morris was there, Elizabeth Cruz, and a few other people I know. Michelle immediately introduced me to her stylist, Stephanie*. She was so fucking pretty, she was almost hard to look at-  she also seemed very [ppp_patron_only level=”5″ silent=”no”]

familiar. As it turns out, we used to be neighbors and I used to do a lot of work for the guy she was dating back in my night life photography days.  At some point we started talking, and then talked the rest of the night. I won a free dinner for two at the place. Stephanie* said, “I’ll be your date”. Closed the place down.  Walked her to her car, talked a bit more, gave her a hug, she kissed my cheek, buried her face into my neck – “omg you smell so good” – and then I kissed her goodnight. 

She’s kind of crazy. I have no attachment to seeing her again, but it was a fun moment none the less. 

And, it reaffirms something – 

Meeting people in person is where it’s at for me.  I don’t translate well in the one dimensional format of dating apps.  In person, I’m a force of nature. 

I love knowing that I can walk into a party and meet who I want to meet. It gives me such ease and comfort.  This is a gift I want all guys to have. Dr Glover and I were talking about Incels and the MGTOW movement… toxic masculinity arises from men who feel powerless.  I want all of us to feel powerful. 

My tinnitus is going strong. I don’t know what’s wrong with my ears or my nerves or my brain…. But I’m going to heal it.  

Anyway – I have a TEDx talk to finish applying for today.  

This gets to be easy, in flow state. 

Ah yes. Breathe deep. 

Drink the coffee. 

Clean my room. 

Go on my walk, bask in the sun….

Come home, shower, shave, slide into some nylons, 

And make my video. 

That will be my day. 


* Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.


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