Ask Me Anything: May 2019


  • Is that a Monet behind you??
  • What is your death row last meal?
  • What do Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”) think of ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical?
  • How did you become comfortable being you? I have improved but I’m not there yet, any suggestions?
  • Love the heels, Do you think they decrease the # of potential 1st Date options, or increase it?
  • Are you gay or straight?
  • How do you fight off wierd looks of other people when rockin heels & hosiery while shopping or something 😀
  • How you deal with somebody who try to judge you in Public?
  • Why did pantyhose go out of style?
  • How any men have come out to you as dressers side you went public?
  • How did you overcome your fear of being exposed as a cross-dresser?@
  • How would you encourage – especially guys – to express themselves through their outfit?
  • What should I, as a crossdresser wear to work?
  • How did you land your most popular podcast guest?
  • Besides an idea, what do I need to get into the podcasting world? Hardware? Software recommenadtions?
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