Join me for an hour of my favorite deep & dark – with a hint of sexy – progressive House tracks. 

Track listing:

  • “Bohemia” – Township Rebellion
  • “Glow (Extended Mix)” – Key M, Cherry (UA), Beat Inside
  • “Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix)” – Moonwalk
  • “Flawless (Original Mix)” – Savin
  • “Past Adventures (Original Mix)” – Doma
  • “Skyshiper (Original Mix)” – M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A., QUAZZAR
  • “The Module (Original Mix)” – Khainz
  • “Mirrors (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)” – Sandeep Pai
  • “The Module (Original Mix)” – Khainz
  • “Caliph of Baghdad (Original Mix)” – Citizen Kain, Greg Ignatovich, Alexandros Djkevingr
  • “Mirrors (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)” – Sandeep Pai
  • “Surge (Dear Humans & Sarkis Mikael Remix)” – NURAN
  • “Flying High (Original Mix)” – Alex Kennon
  • “Sparks (Extended Mix)” – Pointcloud
  • “Kochi (Original Mix)” – Sultan + Shepard
  • “Last Indos – Nicolas Rada Remix” – Robert R. Hardy,Nicolas Rada
  • “I Can’t Be Found – (Mixed)”  – – Thomas Schwartz, Fausto Fanizza, Susie Ledge
Paul Duane / aka Soul Anarchist, in his signature tailored shorts suit, pantyhose and heels.

DJ Soul Anarchist here – aka, Paul Duane. I’m a Deep House & Progressive House DJ. As a kid, I grew up on rock, metal & rap music that challenged the status quo establishment.  

As a grown, freedom loving American, I come to electronic dance music with that same youthful spirit of protest, yearning for truth, authenticity, and the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness.  I believe in tearing down walls and building bridges. 

Above all – I believe in the power of great dance party. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – available for domestic & international bookings. 

much love – 

Paul Duane / DJ Soul Anarchist

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