Hunter Allan


I never thought I’d meet another guy who could rock pantyhose and heels better than I can, but here it is! Hunter Allan is a stereotype defying model and online personality from Draper, Utah – one of the hardest places to exist if you don’t fit in. We talk about life as a non-gender conforming teen, his relationship with his father, and going to church in heels. 

For those who are curious about our hosiery – on today’s show, Hunter was wearing Exclusive 15’s by Gabriella, and I was wearing Lucido 20’s by Cecilia de Rafael, courtesy of

Some feminine gays try to act more masculine on social media so they get more followers, because that’s what people follow,  I attracted a base that wanted  me for me, because I’m authentic. 

Hunter Allan

“Sometimes they want me to always be serving this type of a look… Sometimes I feel more masculine, I grow my beard out and my legs… and I just do me. My followers don’t like it when I post stuff like that.   I’m happy with that.”

“Everyone has their own label and I don’t think it’s necessarily good.  It’s kind of toxic.” 

You can’t place me in a box. I’m just Hunter Allan. I’ not a boy, I’m not a girl, if I want to wear heels, I’ll wear heels and if I want to wear sweats, I’ll do that too. 

Hunter Allan


  1. I’m so glad that Hunter can have a supportive role model. He’s amazing.

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