2019 July 1 Journal

Ok, lots to get through and I’m short on time:

[ppp_patron_only level=”5″ silent=”no”] [The woman I’m seeing] came to Cosmic Home Evening last night, which was absolutely awesome. The meeting was super cool for reasons I’ll expound on more in a moment.  It makes my heart full to have her showing up at my side on this adventure of Burning Man 2019. For a few years, I’ve dreamt of sharing the burn with her…. And here it is, coming together. I’m beyond grateful. 



I’m the layout lead again this year, and I took  on the role of lighting director, too. I want to make sure this shit gets done WELL. 

Chase and I talked for hours after it all wrapped up. Talked extensively about decomodification, thoughts on how to share the content I have created out there and will create.  Talked about my own theme camp, about my art project – Story time / show and tell.  It’s all about stories.  Envisioning my own camp, related to Soul Anarchists, but named separately. Possibly creating a new playa identity for myself to create art under.  Envisioning a big screen on which stories / text is shown, much like what I experienced with Robot Heart showing The Prophet text.  Groovy atmospheric music, awesome stories, a comfy place to sit and just watch, read along. 

I need a theme camp name and then to assemble a list of items that would be needed to execute this concept.  This is probably going to need to wait until next year, and that’s okay.   I want to keep a lot of my bandwidth open for experiencing the burn with Ashley.  I’m going to plan the placement strategy in a way that’s more self serve / get some helpers on board so I don’t need to be so married to camp this year. 

Chase and I also discussed hosting a World Burning Man Leadership Conference here in SLC. Apparently BMORG has signaled that they would sanction and back up such a thing if we care to organize it. That would be some next level shit.  We decided to move forward with it.  I fucking love Chase. He’s got a great vision, great perspective. 

We also talked about the cultural shifts of the burn, it was his position that Larry foresaw everything that’s happening now, including the interference of the feds, etc… it just drives the REAL Burning Man experiences further underground. It will likely create an underground at burning man. How meta is that? Bad ass if you ask me. 

I left the conversation with a renewed passion for our community and culture. 

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