2019 June 29 Journal

2019 June 29 Journal

I got a message from [the woman I’m seeing] last night inviting me to join her at a party downtown if things got slow.   Things were indeed slow, so I joined her.  Made my way into this ridiculously crowded basement bar called The Rest (room). She was there for a going away part for someone that, as it turns out, I know. I got to meet her best friend, too, which was cool.  We stayed for a few, then left on our own adventure.  We went to Junior’s for a drink, had a lot of fun talking & planning Burning Man (she’s in, she’s coming). We then went to the roof of the City Weekly Building, made out for a while, and then went to her house….


Deleted scene – I’m keeping this one to myself. Some things are beautiful enough to keep sacred.


It was perfect. 

Perfect, perfect, perfect….

….and I am full of gratitude. 

So yeah…. She’s coming to Burning Man. 

Is this really happening? 

The things I’ve always dreamed of and yearned for…. Happening now?

My God, I am so grateful. 

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