May The Fourth – Your Lack Of Faith

May The Fourth Be With You!

God, I love Star Wars. I still get chills every time I hear the Force Theme from the Binary Sunset scene in Star Wars IV ‘A New Hope’….

Luke returns home to find that Uncle Own and Aunt Beru have been murdered by Imperial forces. His boyish fascination with becoming hero transcends into an acceptance of the call to greatness, and the hero’s journey begins. 

Of course, this happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… 

Star Wars is based on mythology. To quote one of my recent interviewees, Rabbi Levinsky – 

“Mythology is incredibly important. It’s just not ‘true’ “. 

Mythology creates a mirror in which we can frame our own life struggles, journeys, and victories. It can be a powerful problem solving tool. 

I talk about religion a lot, in the same way that I talk about Star Wars. My past two podcast episodes have been about religion. I see people’ eyes glaze over when I tell them that “hey, on this latest episode we talked with blah blah religious person about blah religion blah”. 

I get it. 

I’ve been on every point on the compass when it comes to religion. I’ve been a 200% believer, an evangelist, a defender of the faith… I’ve burned untold calories pointing out the flaws and making criticisms of religion, too. 

I’ve traveled this path and I want to give you an important mile marker that I’ve found:

When you can talk about religion (especially the one you were raised in / around) like we talk about Star Wars, this is how you can know that you no longer have attachments to it. This is what spiritual freedom looks like. 

When you can talk about Moses or Noah or Abraham just like you talk about Star Wars or Game of Thrones or Harry Potter or whatever… , this is your sign. 

You’ve arrived! You are healed. Congratulations 🙏

Think of Obi-Wan’s words when Luke was in his first lessons in using The Force… pay attention to your feelings. Trust your feelings. They will give you important information. If you are still upset when the topic of religion comes up, you are still under the influence of the Dark Side. I don’t say this to criticize you, it’s a normal part of the process. Just know that your journey is not yet done. Keep going. Keep paying attention to your reactions. Become curious about them and what they have to teach you. 

And remember – only a Sith deals in absolutes. 

May The Force Be With You, 

Paul Duane

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