Limerence - a Progressive House DJ set

featuring Above &Beyond, Khen, Roald Velds, Nox Vahn, Dan Stone, Banco De Gaia

Limerence…  tonight I find myself swimming in the murky waters of memories of lost loves. 

This Progressive House DJ set comes from those musings… thinking about the amazing times, the bliss, and the ‘what if”. 

Turn the lights down, pour some wine, light some candles, and join me on a musical journey. 


Track listing:

  • “Limerence, Lost in Beauty Soul Anarchist Remix” – Roald Velden / Don Huely /
  • “All for You (Oniricus Extended Remix)” – Dan Stone
  • “Glass On Skin (Extended Mix)” – Tommy Loude
  • “Tears (Extended Mix)” – Lauren L’aimant, Bound to Divide
  • “Give Into The Night (Extended Mix)” – Nina Sung, Lycii, Taylor Torrence”
  • “Voices (Original Mix)” – Nathan Katz
  • “Kairo (Original Mix)” – Fulltone”
  • “Every Little Beat feat. Richard Bedford (Khen Extended Mix)” – Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford
  • “One Last Dance feat. XIRA (Sound Quelle Extended Remix)” – Audien, XIRA
  • “Yellow (Original Mix)” – Khen
  • “Hanalei (Extended Mix)” – Elevven, Alex Sonata & TheRio”
  • “Woolfie (Original Mix)” – Double Touch
  • “Hanalei (Extended Mix)” – Elevven, Alex Sonata & TheRio
  • “Obsidian (Framewerk Full On MIx)”- Banco De Gaia”
  • “Dream of Love – Alan Watts – Soul Anarchist Remix

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