Wicked Games Deep House / Progressive House DJ Set

Wicked Games is how it all starts, and how it ends….


…both the DJ set, and love.


I mixed this set one night while deep in thought about the swirling hopes and disappointments of love. It kicks off and ends with two different deep house remixes of the Chris Isaak classic, “Wicked Game”. Part way through you’ll find a gorgeous spoken word piece by Alan Watts, on the subject of falling in love.  I hope you enjoy this journey. 

much love –

Paul Duane / DJ Soul Anarchist 

Track listing:

  • “Gemma Hayes – Wicked Game (Stranger Tourists Unofficial Remix)_____________”
  • “All for You (Oniricus Extended Remix)” – Dan Stone
  • “Ororel” – Volen Sentir
  • “All for You (Oniricus Extended Remix)” – Dan Stone
  • “Saru (Original Mix)” – Wassu, djimboh
  • “Cheyenne (Extended Mix)” – Trilucid”
  • “Small Moments In Madness (Taglo Alan Watts Mix)” – Above & Beyond 
  • “Lost in Beauty (Original Mix)”- Roald Velden
  • “Mirrors (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)” – Sandeep Pai
  • “Night Owl (Original Mix)” – Boris Brejcha
  • “The Module (Original Mix) – Khainz 
  • “Caliph of Baghdad (Original Mix)” – Citizen Kain, Greg Ignatovich, Alexandros Djkevingr
  • “Back & Forth (Original Mix)” – HIGHLITE, REBRN
  • “EXT 135 (Original Mix)” – GMJ, Matter
  • “Wicked Game (Shai T & Proshe Bootleg Mix)  – Chris Isaak
Paul Duane / aka Soul Anarchist, in his signature tailored shorts suit, pantyhose and heels.

DJ Soul Anarchist here – aka, Paul Duane. I’m a Deep House & Progressive House DJ. As a kid, I grew up on rock, metal & rap music that challenged the status quo establishment.  

As a grown, freedom loving American, I come to electronic dance music with that same youthful spirit of protest, yearning for truth, authenticity, and the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness.  I believe in tearing down walls and building bridges. 

Above all – I believe in the power of great dance party. 

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – available for domestic & international bookings. 

much love – 

Paul Duane / DJ Soul Anarchist

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