The Body Keeps The Score – Book Report

As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself. Hiding your core feelings takes an enormous amount of energy, it saps your motivation to pursue worthwhile goals, and it leaves you feeling bored, and shut down.  Meanwhile, stress hormones keep flooding your body, leading to headaches, muscle aches, problems with your bowells, or sexual functions, and irrational behaviors that may embarrass you and hurt the people around you.” Continue Reading

Wicked Games Deep House / Progressive House DJ Mix

Wicked Games is how it all starts, and how it ends….

…both the DJ set, and love.

I mixed this set one night while deep in thought about the swirling hopes and disappointments of love. It kicks off and ends with two different deep house remixes of the Chris Isaak classic, “Wicked Game”. Part way through you’ll find a gorgeous spoken word piece by Alan Watts, on the subject of falling in love. Continue Reading