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Johnson Space Center

… took a few hours to visit the Johnson Space Center.  I’ve grown up fascinated with spaceflight. Some of my favorite toys as a child were models of the Mercury 9, Saturn 5, and Space Shuttle. I watched every Space Shuttle launch… Continue Reading

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2600 mile loop

…photos don’t do it any justice. Roads like that are like music – as music can only be experienced by moving through time, so too, are truly great roads – they only make sense when in motion. Continue Reading

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Gunnar Olsen

Gunnar Olsen – Puscifer Gunnar Olsen is an in demand studio drummer in New York, having worked with greats such as Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, and most recently, Puscifer – which is what brings us together today.  Puscifer is a

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Buck Angel

Buck Angel is a porn actor, producer, sex educator motivational speaker, entrepreneur – and thorn in the side of the ultra progressive LGBTQIA+ movement…. and he happens to be a trans male. Join us for a fascinating conversation about mental health, shame, joy, and purpose. Continue Reading

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Mark Bryan

Or, you can check out the video edition – Mark is in Germany, I’m in Utah, both of us are in our garages, both in heels. Mark Bryan is known for being a man in heels, pantyhose, and a

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Junius Paul   Chicago jazz bassist Junius Paul transposes the jazz ethos of improvisation into his clothing: Junius wears tights. Check out his images – the alchemy of jazz permeates his personal style. He’s created a look that is all

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