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No One Walks Away – Progressive House DJ set

While she was my first muse, she was not my last. I’ve been fortunate to have a few magnificent women come into my life over the years who have left me different, and better. They too, never just ‘walk away’, even if we never speak again. If you are one of those women –  you know who you are – there’s a part of you in this set. I was thinking about you, feeling your vibe, as I picked the tracks and mixed them.  Continue Reading

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Johnson Space Center

… took a few hours to visit the Johnson Space Center.  I’ve grown up fascinated with spaceflight. Some of my favorite toys as a child were models of the Mercury 9, Saturn 5, and Space Shuttle. I watched every Space Shuttle launch… Continue Reading

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2600 mile loop

…photos don’t do it any justice. Roads like that are like music – as music can only be experienced by moving through time, so too, are truly great roads – they only make sense when in motion. Continue Reading

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Hausman (aka Devon Ausman) is a progressive House  producer & Dj based in Denver, Colorado. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he brings serious musical chops to the craft. He’s known for his intricate arrangements…. Continue Reading

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Gunnar Olsen

Gunnar Olsen – Puscifer Gunnar Olsen is an in demand studio drummer in New York, having worked with greats such as Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, and most recently, Puscifer – which is what brings us together today.  Puscifer is a

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Buck Angel

Buck Angel is a porn actor, producer, sex educator motivational speaker, entrepreneur – and thorn in the side of the ultra progressive LGBTQIA+ movement…. and he happens to be a trans male. Join us for a fascinating conversation about mental health, shame, joy, and purpose. Continue Reading

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Mark Bryan

Or, you can check out the video edition – Mark is in Germany, I’m in Utah, both of us are in our garages, both in heels. Mark Bryan is known for being a man in heels, pantyhose, and a

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